GPS Tracking School Transportation

In today’s world it is very important for the Schools to Adopt teleamtics and fleet management solution to improve the safety and same time become more efficient in the school transportation and under an estimate school bus telematics solution penetration will reaching a highest of 98 percent by the coming year 2025

Benefits of Using Telematics Solution in School Buses

Tracking of the school busses is very import to understand the driver behaviour for the safety of the students . Telematics provides an additional source of surveillance and the MDVR can also be integrated with the GPS tracking device using our software and thus help in preventing the road accidents , any kind of injuries and ultimately ensure the safety and security

Cost Effective

Telematics can a very good solution for reduction of the operation expenses by reducing the fuel cost . Fuel Consumption can be reduced by eliminating ht idling time and speeding and reduce the expenses significantly.

Reducing the downtime of School Busses

By using the AIQ Telematics Open Source GPS Tracking platform , maintenance parameters such as preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance can be tracked and thus help in eliminating the any breakdown of the vehicles and ensure the operations in the best operating conditions .

Live Tracking

Live Tracking helps monitoring of the vehicle , Route of operation and ensures the safety and the peace of mind for the parents and school administrator regarding the safety of the students and system also provides alerts in terms of route deviation .