What is a Container Tracking System and How Does it Work?

A container tracking system is a software that helps you track your shipment. It automatically updates the status of your shipment as it moves through the supply chain and provides you with real-time information.

This software has many benefits. It can help you better understand the process of your shipment and it can provide better customer service to customers.

How Container Tracking Systems Can Help Amazing Use Cases

Container tracking systems are used to track the location of containers, and they can help with 5 amazing use cases.

  • 1. Tracking containers in transit: Container tracking systems can be used to track the location of containers in transit. This is done by installing a GPS device inside the container and linking it to a satellite-based monitoring system.
  • 2. Monitoring inventory: Containers are not just for shipping physical products from one place to another; they serve as an excellent way for businesses to store their inventory as well. A container tracking system will allow businesses to keep track of their inventory levels at all times, which means that they will never run out of stock unexpectedly again
  • 3. Preventing theft: Cargo theft is a major concern for many companies, but with a container tracking system in place it

Theft is a major concern for many companies, but with a container tracking system in place, it becomes much easier to prevent. A container tracking system uses GPS and RFID tags to track the location of containers.

Companies can use these systems to monitor their cargo and shipments, and detect potential theft in time. They also have the option to share information with other organizations or other companies that might be interested in the same cargo.

A container tracking system is the best way to protect your cargo against theft or damage.

What are the Best Container Monitoring Software Systems in the Market?

AIQ Connect Container Monitoring Software Systems are a great way of managing and monitoring the containers that are being shipped. These systems have been developed to help in the process of shipping goods from one place to another.

AIQ Connect is a container monitoring software that helps you visualize your containers on a map and track them in real-time.

It is not just live tracking as AIQ Connect also provides the capability to replay and report on any activities that happened in the past. This includes tracking the route of each container, all events, and what can be found inside each container.

In this way, you have full visibility into the status of your containers at all times.