The heavy-duty mining vehicles are used to extract minerals from the earth. They are often used in remote locations and are difficult to monitor. GPS monitoring system is a solution for these vehicles. It can be installed on the vehicle and it will send data about the vehicle’s location, speed, and other parameters to a central server.

AIQ Connect GPS monitoring system is an important tool for heavy-duty mining vehicles because it helps them save fuel, reduces accidents, and improves productivity.

Benefits of using AIQ Connect software in the mining industry

Cost saving

The GPS Tracking software is a cost-effective solution for companies that want to save on their costs. The software helps them track their vehicles and drivers in real time. It also helps them monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle, which can help them save on fuel expenses.

Increase Productivity

The GPS telematics solution is an application that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet and it will provide you with real-time data about your vehicle's location. This information can be accessed by logging into your account on the web portal.

Enhance Safety

The GPS Telematics solution can be used to enhance safety of mining equipment's and vehicles by providing real-time data about their location, speed, direction, and status. The data is also available in a map-based interface for easy monitoring.

Reduce Downtime

Mining equipment is one of the most important assets in a mining operation. The downtime of the mining equipment can have a significant impact on the company’s profitability.

In order to reduce the downtime of operation, it is necessary to conduct preventive maintenance on the equipment. Preventive maintenance can be done by following some simple steps like inspecting, cleaning, lubricating and repairing any faults that are found in the machinery.