Logistics industry is one of the most challenging industries to work in. It has a lot of constraints and complexities. AIQ Connect offers a solution that can help the logistics industry overcome these challenges

AIQ Connect is an AI-powered telematics platform that helps companies in the logistics industry to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. The platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to offer insights into how different scenarios will affect the company’s operations.

The platform also provides a whatsapp chatbot that helps customers with their queries related to shipments, deliveries, and other logistics-related problems.

Major Advantages of Using the AI powered Telematics Solution in the field of Logistics and Transportation

  • AIQ Connect offers a comprehensive solution for logistics companies and helps to Optimise the Routes to be travelled for deliveries and work related to drivers
  • AIQ Connect with the use of the AI based technology helps to predict the work loads and scheduling and allocating the assets and resources accordingly
  • AIQ Connect provides a detailed vehicle data which is very useful information for the customers regarding their goods and consignments tracking
  • AIQ Connect provides a detailed information with automation and thus keeps control over the driver behavior and compliance
  • AIQ Connect fleet management and logistics tracking solution helps to detect the new business opportunities and provides great operating margins
  • AIQ Connects – AI based telematics solutions provides a detail regarding the idling and unauthorised vehicle usage and thus provides a great fuel saving for the customers