Geo Coding

Geo coding is the process of assigning a geographic coordinate to a place.

Geo coding is a process of assigning geographical coordinates to a place on the Earth's surface, so that it can be identified by a computer.

Geo Coding applications

Geo coding is used in many applications such as mapping and navigation, public safety and security, social networking, real estate and retail.

A geo-coding system assigns latitude and longitude to the spatial coordinates of a place. The system will then store these details in the form of an address or location name. Geo-Coding systems are often used to identify locations on maps and provide directions or other data about those locations.

Geo Coding Importance in Telematics Industry

Geo-coded data is a type of data that has information about the location of the event, person or object. This information can be used to find out where an event happened, who was there and when it happened.

This information is also useful for telematics industry in order to monitor the location of vehicles and track them on a map.

Application of Geo Coding in Telematics Industry

GPS coordinates are used in telematics industry to determine the exact location of a vehicle. This is done by using latitude and longitude, which are measured in meters. The coordinates can be used to identify the location of a vehicle or to track its movement.

GPS coordinates are also used in telematics industry for geo-coding. This is a process that assigns geographic coordinates to an address, place name or other geographical reference so that it can be mapped on a map and searched on the internet.