Fleet Management in the FMCG Industry

The Biggest Challenge for the FMCG Industry is the low shelf life of the products. Profits for the business are dependent on the efficiency of the last mile delivery.

AIQ Connect Telematics solution offered for the Business partners and FMCG companies offers a drastic reduction in the cost of the fuel and maintenance cost reduction.

There are many applications where the solution can be used

  • Milk Collection and Distribution system
  • Delivery trucks used in the distribution of Water
  • Food Delivery Refer vehicles with temperature monitoring required
  • Other Food Delivery carrying essentials such as Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Using Telematics
in the FMCG Industry


AIQ Connect offers a solution where routes can be defined for the vehicles to ensure on time deliveries and our solution also offers custom alerts in case of deviation from the pre defined routes

Product Sustenance

AIQ offers a solution of monitoring the temperature of the perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables which increases the sustainability of the goods

Driving Safety

Custom Alerts can be set of various parameters such as Harsh Acceleration, Braking, and Cornering and data can be analysed for the training for the Drivers and Fleet Managers

Visibility in Operations

Overall operation visibility can be ensured by using E Locks , OR Codes and Biometrics . AIQ Connect Teleamtics and Open Source GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solution offers customer solutions and custom mobile application for business and verticals like Container tracking .