Emergency Services Telematics

The AIQ Connect Solution is a GPS tracking solution that can be used in emergency situations. The solution is designed to provide real-time location of the ambulance and the patient. It also provides a live video feed of the patient's condition and vital signs. This helps the hospital staff to take care of the patient better and faster.

The AIQ Connect Solution has been successfully implemented in many countries, including India, China, and Brazil. The solution has helped save lives by providing accurate information about patients' location and condition in emergency situations.

Benefits of Using AIQ Connect in the field of telematics

The AIQ Connect Solution for Emergency Situations has been designed to provide assistance in emergency situations by providing accurate location information of the patient. This way, the ambulance can reach the patient faster and provide better care during emergencies.

  • Improve efficiency and emergency response time with the help of a reliable, accurate map.
  • Ensure regular maintenance checks with the help of an easy to use dashboard.
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by providing drivers with real-time data on traffic conditions.
  • Improve driver behavior and reduce collisions by using a system that tracks all accidents in real time.