GPS Tracking in Construction Industry

Telematics over the years have played an important role in the industry of Transportation , but with the advancement of the technology holds an equal importance in the field of the equipments and construction .

Benefits of Adopting Telematics in the industry of construction

Telematics holds an important mission critical benefits to the industry of the heavy equipments and construction, Below are defined the major advantages of using telematics into the industry of construction

  • Tracking of the Assets ( Equipments and Machinery ) – Tracking of the assets like the heavy equipments and other vehicles used in the industry of construction present benefits to with safety of the assets against theft and misuse .
  • Optimum Usage of Machinery – AIQ Connect offers the fleet management solution providing to monitor the engine working hours and reducing the idle time. Geo fencing also prevents the unauthorized usage of the vehicles and other machinery
  • Routing Maintenance extends the machinery lifespan – AIQ Connect with its telematics solution provides complete data about the equipments like the mileage , engine hours and past service records of the machine and thus predicts the need of maintenance on a routing basis . Regular maintenance of the vehicles ensures that equipments are maintained in the good health which extends the life of the equipments
  • Reducing the Wear and Tear of the Machinery – AIQ Connect provides a comprehensive solution to monitor the breakdown of the equipments and the machinery and thus preventing the excess wear and tear of the machinery by providing the solution to breakdown of the equipments

AIQ Connect providing construction solutions which can implemented across the various industries

  • Farming Equipments
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Companies
  • Stone Crushers
  • Mining
  • Shipping of construction materials
  • Motorsport trailers
  • Landscapers
  • Construction companies