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AIQ Connect offers a Self Hosted Application as per the customer’s requirements and application which can be Installed on the your server

The Solution offered by AIQ Connect can be Easily Installed on the Clients Server with their own Logo and Branding and also available in the Local Language to provide them with the complete flexibility of usage of the solution

AIQ Connect also provides with the team of experts for the installation and the other technical aspects regarding to our solution.

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An integrated platform to increase safety,
efficiency, and sustainability


AIQ Connect flexibility to customize the solution as per the requirements of the customers and the industry unlike the other SAAS based solutions available in the Market

  • Custom addition of Protocol
  • Custom Reporting as per Clients Requirements
  • Customer User Interface and Features as per clients requirements

Data Safety

AIQ Connect offers a solution to be hosted on the clients Server and provides complete Data Security unlike other SAAS based providers where data is not secure, may be accessible to third parties.

  • Data is not shared with the Service provider
  • Data Backup as per clients requirements adding value to business
  • Better Company Reputation with Data Safety

Cost Effective

SAAS based solutions available in the market are not one time investment but payments have to be done on monthly basis

  • Lower Cost of Ownership of the Solution
  • No Monthly Payments
  • No Dependency of 03rd Party Services

powerful features

AIQ Connect offers a solution which can be used in any Business Application.
It is simple to Use and Setup GPS Tracking application which can
be used and provides the following Range of Features

Live Tracking

AIQ Connect GPS Tracking Software provides Live tracking of the Vehicles, Assets ,Pets , Humans and other Objects of different Types of Maps as per the need of the customer .

Replay Views

History Play Back and Replay View can be obtained with for the lifetime basis with the AIQ Connect application and ensures that the data is available on the customers for the review

Push Notifications

Push Notification is the important part any GPS Tracking Application and services offered by AIQ Connect offers notifications on the mobile and web makes the customer aware of the live status of the Fleet , Vehicles and Assets and Triggers Notifications in the case of Emergency


Maintenance schedule can be monitored and checked and customers can be updated with the due services with the AIQ Connect GPS Tracking application

POI / Geo Fencing

Point of Interest can also be marked with the GPS Tracking software offered by AIQ Connect to ensure the correct reporting regarding the points which are important for the customer and provide information of vehicles moving In and Out of the Geo Fencing

Route Planning

Routes can also be monitored with the GPS Tracking application and ensure that any deviation from the routes can be marked with the AIQ Connect GPS Tracking Application

Multi Language

Software offered by AIQ Connect provides the Mobile Application and Web Interface in various Languages so that solution can be supported as per Local Area Needs.


Custom Reports are Available in the Solution and can be applied as per customer needs and requirements and can be downloaded in excel or any other format .

Why AIQ Connect

Telematics industry is expected to grow at a very fast pace in the coming Decade .

However there are many challenges that the industry faces and Major is that there is No Major Self Hosted solution available in the market and all players provide SAAS based telematics solution only

AIQ Connect offers a range of Benefits by using self Hosted telematics solution


Since the Solution is Hosted on the Customers Server data privacy is maintained

Low Cost of

Cost of Ownership is very low since there is no recurring Expenditure


Being a Self hosted GPS Application can be customized as per requirements

No Additional Manpower
Cost for Software

Since the Team of Experts is available with complete manuals there is no additional cost of Manpower required as Investments.

Low Go
Market Time

There is No additional need for developing the solution and thus reduces the Go to Market time

Complete focus of
Core Business

Customers can completely Focus on the Core Businesses and there is no time required to be invested on the Software Part

International Presence

You can Trust GPS Gateway because of its Global Solution Presence & solution expertise.

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Providing GPS Software almost Everywhere in the world .

  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • India

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